Pizza Volunteers Needed

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2022 - 2023

October Volunteers

We have some great PTO Volunteer opportunities coming up and we could really use the help of a few parents! 

Our kids did a great job selling lots of chocolate for our fundraiser & now it's time to reward them with parties!!

On Wednesday the 5th, we'll have our Pizza & A Movie party at Asheville Pizza on Merrimon Ave! We'll need some help with "crowd control" and passing out pizza. The movie will be The Croods II. Volunteers will meet us at Asheville Pizza at 10:45 and will be done around 12:45.

On Friday the 7th, we'll be having an Italian Ice party - anyone who sold a box of chocolate gets to come! All the kids who sold 3+ boxes get to hurl water baloons at Principal Hodges and the kids who sold 8+ boxes will play the "punch a cup" game! It's a really fun party for everyone & a great chance to get to play with your kids for a couple of hours!  

Be sure to sign up for Level II on the Volunteer Tracker website before volunteering!

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