Lunch Prepay Information

Online Payment Option for School Meals

Buncombe County Child Nutrition is now accepting school meal payments online. The online payment plan will make it more convenient to pay for your child's school meals. Some features of the online payment option include: single transactions which can be divided among your children and parents have the ability to review what your child is purchasing each day. 

 Step 1: Create your Parent Account

  • Gather the following information: your child's ID number. This is NOT their social security number. This is your child's school number (lunch number, library number). Your child should know this number!!

  • You must have a personal email account to receive confirmation after payments are processed.

  • Go to Create a new Parent Account. Enter your information along with your child/children's student information into the system. Be aware that there is an annual service fee of $10.00 per parent account. One service fee covers ALL children in your household.

  • Your child's information must be verified before you can begin making payments. It will take at least one business day for the system to verify your child's information. You will receive notification by email, or you make check the lunchprepay website on the following business day. If you create an account on Friday, you will receive notification on Monday.

  • Once you receive notification that your child's information has been verified, you may begin making payments!

Step 2: Making Online Payments

  • Go to and login to your parent account.

  • Click on "Make a Payment"

  • Enter the amount of money you would like to place in your child's account. You may divide your payment between any of your children listed on your account. Provide the requested information for the credit card you will be using. Be sure to give the billing address for your credit card rather than your physical address (if they are different)!

  • Click [Submit] to process the transaction.

  • You will receive a transaction number when your transaction is complete. Be sure and write this number down!! It is the only way your transaction can be traced in the event of a problem.

  • A confirmation will also be sent via email.

Other Information

Transaction Fee - There is a transaction fee of 3% for each online payment. Buncombe County Schools does not receive any portion of these fees. These fees are assessed by the service providers for the processing costs of this convenience.

How are Payments are Credited to Student Accounts - There is a time delay between when you enter your transaction and when the funds are actually posted to your child's account. Each morning and evening; Monday thru Thursday; our system will verify new student account information and process credits to student accounts. Transactions make on Friday, Saturday and Sunday are processed on Monday mornings.

Who to Contact - If you have a problem with an online transaction, you should contact our third party vendor. You may contact them by clicking the "Contact Us" button on the lunch prepay website or you may call their offices between 8 and 5 M-F at 1-800-541-8999. For additional assistance, contact Child Nutrition at (828) 255-5927.