Students and teachers standing in front of the Mobile Dairy Classroom.

A “moooving” classroom is making its rounds to several Buncombe County Schools (BCS) this month. 

The SouthWest - SouthLand Dairy Mobile Classroom brings a piece of the farm to the students with hopes of teaching both kids and adults about dairy cattle. This traveling trailer is equipped with a live cow and the needed tools in order to demonstrate how a cow is milked. This unique outdoor classroom dives into subjects such as math, science, health, and agriculture. 

“Understanding dairy farming helps students become more aware of where their food comes from and the importance of agriculture in providing essential products like milk and dairy products,” said Career and Educational Director Michele F. Smith. “Students can discover the nutritional value of dairy products and understand their role in a balanced diet, which can contribute to healthier eating habits.”

Students of Joe P. Eblen Intermediate and Haw Creek Elementary could not believe their eyes when they saw Hilly the cow at their school. For some this was the first time seeing a dairy cow up close. 

“What a wonderful opportunity for our students to see a piece of the ‘farm’ in their school parking lot,” said Ms. Smith. “This was a huge hit with our students, and we hope to bring it back again next year.”

So now the question is, “got milk?”

The Mobile Dairy Classroom will be coming to the following schools in the near future: Charles T. Koontz Intermediate, North Windy Ridge Intermediate, Enka Intermediate, Charles C. Bell Elementary, W.D. Williams Elementary, and Fairview Elementary.

Students watching the Mobile Dairy Classroom presentation at Haw Creek Elementary.