Education Links

Awesome Science resource

get epic is a free source for reading material for all things Science related.

illuminations - math help

Illuminations is another helpful website that was created by Math teachers.  There are helpful how to videos, practice problems, and many other links that students are encouraged to explore.  

This site should be helpful if you get stuck and can't remember how to do something and for parents to learn with their child.  

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a great "how do I do this math problem" website.  There are really good videos that show how to do math skills.  This site is helpful for both students and parents who are trying to remember or figure out how to "do it." 

Study Jams

The easiest way to find Study Jams is to do a google search " Study Jams"  Then type in the topic you want to learn about in the search window on the top right hand side of the home page. 


Study Jams has great information on both Math & Science topics that we learn about in 5th grade.



A great Science resource

Lots of videos 

Reflex Math

For math practice with addition, subtraction, multiplication, division

Students have their own log in and password information written down on the inside cover of their school Agenda and also saved as a WORD document in a folder on the desktop of their student computer.  

xtra math

For math practice with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division