News & Notes

Dear Parents,

     The second half of the school year is upon us. Please have you child read or read with them for a minimum of 30 minutes per. night. This will better prepare them for their end of grade test. This will build their reading endurance and their confidence level.

     In math we are finishing fractions and percents. The children are learning to use decimals, fractions, and percents in everyday situations. As we head into geometry, the class work may become more difficult. To ease this transition, please review geometry terms and vocabulary with your child. It would also be very helpful if you could point out everyday use of geometry in certain situations such as construction sites or building of any sort. This will give your child a better understanding of the uses of geometry.geometry

     Social studies this 9 weeks will be covering the first Americans and the theory of their arrival. Different Indian cultures will be studied also.

     We will be studying weather in science during the second part of the nine weeks. It will be helpful during this time for your child to watch the weather reports on their local television channels. You could discuss local and national weather with your child to develop their understanding of weather patterns.

     If you have any questions concerning this 9 weeks, please contact me at





                                                          Mr. Tanner