Projects for Rising 8th grade students.


Make sure you are familiar with all the concepts and techniques described for Rising 7th graders.
Be familiar with the following concepts:
  • Counting dotted quarter notes (Bk2 pg.10&11)
  • Counting sixteenth notes (Bk2 pg.16)
  • Counting eigth note and sixteenth note combinations (BK2 pg.17&18)
  • Counting in 6/8 time (Bk2 pg.26&27)
  • Counting triplets (Bk2 pg.31)
  • Play the D minor scale (Bk2 #125)
  • Play the G minor scale (Bk2 #129)

Violins/Violas/Cellos: Be able to find the following notes:

  • F natural (C, D, & E strings)
  • C natural (G & A strings)
  • B flat (G, A, & E strings)
  • E flat (C, D, & A strings)
  • C sharp (C, G, & A strings)
  • G sharp (G, D, & E strings)

Basses: Be able to find the following notes:

  • F natural (E & D strings)
  • C natural (A & G strings)
  • B flat (A & G strings)
  • E flat (D string)
  • C sharp (A & G strings)
  • G sharp (E & G strings)

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