String Orchestra FAQs

(Frequently Asked Questions)
Here you can find information about many of
the most common questions people have about the string orchestra program for the
Erwin district.
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Q: How do I get into the string orchestra?
A: 5th grade students must attend the String Orchestra Registration Night held at their school in the spring. That will enroll them in the string orchestra program for 6th grade. Check out this website in January, or send me an email during that time to find out when that event will be at your school. If you are already in 6th grade or beyond and have experience email me so that we can enroll you.
Q: How do I get an instrument for the string orchestra?
A: Be VERY careful about purchasing an instrument on line, the vast majority of them are a complete waste of your time and money. They are totally incapable of producing any kind of decent tone and most of them are impossible or even painful to play. I only recommend or for on line purchases.
Q: Can you enroll in strings in 7th grade (or higher) without having been in strings the previous year?
A: Generally no, but if you already have experience with your instrument we can set up a time to meet and see if you're ready for that grade's level of proficiency. If you are in a grade higher than 6th, have no experience with the instrument you want to play and want to enroll in the string orchestra I suggest getting some private lessons to get you up to speed. There are plenty of great instructors in Asheville.
Q: Is there guitar or banjo in the string orchestra?
A: Unfortunately not. Most of our exercises and techniques involve the bow, so only the violin, viola, cello, and string bass are in the string orchestra.
Q:  Should string orchestra students bring their instruments on the first day of class?
A: Yes. Always assume that you will need your instrument for every class.
Q: Can we change the string instrument we play?
A: Not during the semester, but in between semesters it is possible. The main requirement is that you have the new instrument and are able to play it at the same proficiency as others in your grade level before the new semester begins. Private lessons are a great way to do that.
Q: What is the best way to contact you?
A: Email me at [email protected]