Excellent Links

    The Asheville Symphony Orchestra


    Hendersonville Symphony Youth Orchestra

    The HSYO has great opportunities for string orchestra musicians to be a part of a year-round string orchestra! Each group meets once  week and is a wonderful way to be involved in an excellent musical group. Beginners will want to check out the Prelude Ensemble while more advanced musicians can look up the Sinfonietta String Orchestra or the HSYO Youth Symphony itself. Lots of great info on this page. Get out there and play!

    Joyful Noise Community Arts and Music Center

    Excellent opportunities for lessons, ensembles, summer programs, and much more. Take a look!

    Asheville Chamber Music Series

    The Asheville Chamber Music Series is a group devoted to bringing world-class chamber ensembles to Asheville. They are also the benefactors responsible for bringing the Opal String Quartet to our schools. Feel free to thanks them for their support in sending the Opal String Quartet to us!

    Asheville Music & Art Store

    The best place in Asheville to rent string orchestra instruments! They have a great selection of sheet music and private lessons too! If they don't have it right there in the store they can certainly get it for you.

    RhodoWood Basses

    RhodoWood Basses is a local rental company specializing in string basses.


    Online Workshop Pages

    Great mainly free site to help any string orchestra musician!

    J.W. Pepper

    This website contains many of our music selections. Most of which you may listen to. Make sure to set the search for "Orchestra."


    Musescore is an excellent free music writing software. Students can write and listen to the music that they create.


    7 Habits

    The 7 Habits are at the core of our learning at Koontz Intermediate.