Tips for Parents


Suggestions for helping your child

Read with your child each night.  By making this a practice, you demonstrate to your child the importance of reading.  Let your child join in what you're reading by discussing what you have read, such as recipes, news or magazine articles. 
Ask your child to share an opinion from what he or she has read.  This opens so many avenues for conversation, which helps develop oral fluency and thought connections to what has been read.
Watch less television!  Replace that television with games, puzzles, books, map out a trip for a family vacation, take a walk together.  Tomorrow will be here before you know it, and your child will be asking for the keys to the car!
When your child is watching the television, try turning on the closed captions and turn the volume down. Spending time reading in this manner will help your child's speed and fluency in reading. This is a fun way to watch television, plus, improve your child's reading ability. 
Have fun!  Plan a family game night or movie night on weekends.  Research studies have shown that students with strong family ties, and family connections are more successful in all areas, socially and educationally!
Get in the kitchen and cook! Math and reading skills are put to use when students are cooking. Encourage your student to double or half a recipe. Cooking is a real life skill. It can be fun, and the rewards can be yummy! Make a memory with your child and help them strengthen their math and reading skills.