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Welcome to a new school year at Eblen Intermediate.  Here at Eblen we team teach.  This means that your child will switch classes each day.  We are very excited to begin working with your child this year!

Parent-Teacher Communication

There are a variety of ways that we can communicate with parents this year.  One way that we can keep in touch is email.  You can email us anytime and we will respond as soon as possible.  We can be reached at or  Our main form of communication will be through Class Dojo.  You will receive separate directions for how to sign up.  This will enable us to communicate with you about important dates, student work, student behavior and more!  It will also be the best way for you to get in touch directly with us anytime that you have a question or concern! Our website also has important dates, you can find the calendar under News and Notes.

At times it may be necessary for us to call you or set-up conferences.  You are also welcome to call the school to talk to us directly.  The phone number for Eblen Intermediate is 255-5757.  However, the best way to communicate with us is through email or Class Dojo.

As you will see on the supply list, we have asked each student to have a paper folder.  This folder will be used as a home-school folder.  At times we will send things home for you and your child to keep.  Other times, we will send things home that need to be sent back to school.  This folder will be an easy way to manage the flow of papers and information.


This year will be fun and challenging for your child.  In math, we will be using hands-on learning to help your child construct their mathematical knowledge.  In reading, we will be working on reading comprehension strategies and fluency.  These factors are essential to help your child become a better reader, to learn from their reading, and to have a joy for reading.  In science, we will be investigating force and motion, environments, the human body, matter, energy and weather.  In social studies, we will be studying U.S. history, including the American Revolution and Civil War!  So, as you can see, we will be BUSY!  The Common Core Standards are located on the web at:  This is a great site that parents can visit and get more information about our curriculum.  There are helpful links to explore that will support you when working with your child at home.  We have also included a “Parent Roadmap” that outlines what your child will be learning and expectations for 5th grade Math and ELA.

Behavior Plan

Here at Eblen we participate in a school-wide behavior plan known as PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention System).  Your child will learn about this plan in the first days of school.  It is expected that students follow “The 3 R’s” daily.  These are to be Ready, Respectful, and Responsible.  We refer to this as the “Warrior Code”.

The classroom behavior plan ties closely to the “Warrior Code”.  They will be rewarded for positive behavior daily, weekly, and each 9 weeks.  Through Class Dojo you will be able to see your childs behavior Dojo points(positive or negative) each day in real time! Students with positive behaviors will be rewarded, while there will be consquences for negative behaviors.  Some of these consequences include, lunch detention or loss of privileges. In addition to classroom rewards, there will also be school-wide rewards given each 9 weeks to honor those students who are consistently going above and beyond the “Warrior Code”.  There are very high expectations in place for behavior in the classroom.  Students will also be held to these expectations in every area of the school.  


Students will be given nightly reading homework (Monday-Thursday).  They will be expected to read each night.  Students will have a “STAR Homework” sheet glued into their agendas on Monday of each week.  This outlines the homework for the whole week and includes due dates. There is a place for parent signature each night.  At the end of the week, if all homework was completed, turned in, and signed, students will receive a reward.  Homework also counts as a participation grade.  If a student needs help with homework, they are welcome to ask the next morning and we will assist them.  We do not want anyone getting bad grades or staying confused about an assignment!  

They may also have Math, Social Studies, or Science homework periodically.  If homework is assigned in Math, Social Studies, or Science students will write this homework in their agenda.  This is a good way for you to keep up with the homework each night.  If you have any concerns you could also write a short note in your child's agenda to show to us the next day!

We look forward to working with you and your child this year.  Fifth grade can be a big transition for students and parents.  Together we can make this year wonderful!


Brittany Murray                                     Mary Campbell

Fifth Grade ELA/SS                                   Fifth Grade Math/Science

Supply List

Some of you may have received a generic supply list from the school or from our school webpage over the summer.  The following are things that are needed for our team.

  • Two 3 ring binders, (1)size 3 inches (1)size 2 inches

    • This is very important because all of their work for ELA/SS will be kept in one binder and their Math/Science in another.  The binder is used in place of having 2-3 different journals to keep up with. They will not be taking these binders home.  I have a picture below of the type of binder needed.  If you have questions or need help purchasing a binder for your child, please let us know!  Their binder does not have to be white!

    • One binder will be kept in Mrs. Murray’s room, the other in Mrs. Campbell’s room.                                                                                 .                                            

  • Two pack of dividers (to go in binder)

  • One folder to be used as a “Boomerang Folder” (pictured below)

  • Kleenex (Homeroom Teacher)

  • Two packs of pencils (Homeroom Teacher)-mechanical are preferred but not required

  • Two packs of notebook paper

  • BOYS ONLY- Hand sanitizer, baby wipes (Homeroom Teacher)

  • GIRLS ONLY- Ziploc bags, Band-Aids (Homeroom Teacher)

Wish List

  • Index cards

  • Sticky notes

  • Extra pencils

  • Colored pencils (Homeroom Teacher or student keeps their own)

  • Cap Erasers

  • Expo Markers

  • Colored Paper

This year agenda books are provided to each student free of charge!  Again, you may have already purchased some of these items- if so, that’s great!


Brittany Murray, Mary Campbell