Multiplication and Division

Factor Feeder

We need your help!  The little green man is so hungry, but he can only eat factors of a certain number.  It's your job to feed him all the factors that you can, but beware if he eats a factor that does not belong you will lose a life!

Sum Sense- Multiplication


Students are given 4 number cards and have to use them to create a correct multiplication equation. Drag and drop the number cards to make 'sum' sense.  When you think the cards are in the correct place press the 'Next' button for another question.

Four in a row!


This is a single player game.  Students will play against the computer.  The students put together two factors to get a product.  They strategically put together factor pairs to try to get four products in a row.

Home Run Derby- Multiplication


This is a baseball multiplication game.  You will be given a multiplication problem.  You do NOT have to have the exact answer, but estimate the best you can.  The closer you are to the correct answer, the farther your ball will fly!

Speed Grid Challenge


This is a one player game against the clock.  At the bottom of the screen a question will pop up (? x ? = 144), and you must pick the two factors that will give you the product.