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Mass vs Weight Introduction ( astronauts) video

Mass vs Weight (astronauts) video

Force Mass and Acceleration

Explainng motion continued

Explaining motion revise, activity, test

Forces at Work

Newtons Laws* tutorial good for beginners

Newtons 3 Laws of motion

Friction Bill Nye Video

Gravity Bill Nye the Science Guy

Force and Motion Bill Nye the Science Guy video

water cycle national weather service

Water cycle animation

Water Cycle windows to the universe

Water Cycle teacher lesson

Weather study jams video

Water cycle

Water Cycle Harcourt

Water Cycle usgs

Weather bbc

Water cycle video

Weather/ water vapor

Fractions (Basic Skills) Math is Fun

Equivalent Fractions video

Fractions on the Number Line

Game order of operations Khan Academy

order of operations Khan Academy


Explanations and diagrams for all content. Great for parents to review material with their child.


Activities, videos,and games for all subject areas.

IXL Math

Math drills for N.C. Standard Course of Study goals and objectives.  You can only do one a day free.

Weekly Reader

Reading activities

Internet 4 Classrooms

interactive activities for all subjects.


Interactive math games


interactive games


interactive science games with weather and simple machines