Marines, Samantha (6th Grade)

Welcome to my Classroom 
Samantha Marines
Joe P. Eblen Intermediate
6th Grade Language Arts and Social Studies 
[email protected]

     Hello. I am Samantha Marines and I have been teaching in the Erwin District since January 2006. I taught reading Reading Remediation to 6th, 7th and 8th graders at Erwin Middle School for half of a school year and for the following five years I taught 6th grade inclusion classes, serving students with special needs.I have been teaching 6th grade Language Arts and Social Studies at Eblen Intermediate School since it opened in 2011.
     I grew up travelling extensively due to the fact that my father was in the military for 27 years. I went to high school overseas in Lakenheath, England. I received my bachelor's degree from University of Delaware in Mass Communication in 1997. I received my teaching certificate in middle school and high school English and middle school social studies from University of North Carolina-Asheville in 2005. I have been living in Asheville for more than 10 years and I have one young son I  named Ryland. 
   Previous to teaching in the Erwin District, I spent several years teaching in a wilderness education program with at-risk youth called Eckerd Youth Alternatives. I enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and camping and I also enjoy a whole-child approach to education and reaching students that have not always been served in a traditional setting.
   I am always interested in hands-on education, such as field trips and incorporating arts and music into the curriculum.
   At Eblen, I enjoy that we have a wide range of technology available to us. We have interactive white boards and every student has their own computer.
   We are very interested in maintaining open communication with parents. If parents will provide an email address and let us know they are interested in being informed of their child's progress, we will contact them as frequently as necessary. We use Class Dojo to monitor and record students' behaviors and communicate with parents as well. Please let me know how we can best serve your child
   We look forward to working with you and your child.