More Learning Adventures in Writing


Snakes are cool!

Writing is a daily part of the Career and College Ready standards called the Common Core State Standards.  Reading and writing go hand in hand because to be a better reader you must think like a writer, and vice versa.  In writing class, we will explore the following: 


  • Technology
    • Students will visit the computer lab to work on digital media skills.  We will also use lap tops inside our own classroom.  Every student writing product is put in print!  We will use technology to research, create, and present our learning products. 
  • Caught'ya!
    • Every day students start class with a sentence or two from an on-going, humorous story.  Students edit these sentences using grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and punctuation skills. 
  • Expository Writing
    • Over time, students learn to recognize, evaluate, and create good writing in the form of formal essays on a variety of topics, including (but not limited to) an auto-biography and life in the middle ages. 
  • Argumentative Writing
    • As students begin to master expository writing, they expand their work in the area of problem/solution writing prompts, persuasion, and evaluative essays.  We will investigate propaganda techniques in depth and write a letter on a topic meaningful to our own lives to a person who has influence on that area.   
  • Creative Writing in the Genres
    • Students will try their hand at realistic and historical-fiction as well as a fairy tale.  We will also study forms of poetry and apply figurative language techniques to a poetry project.  


Walking with Gandhi at the MLK historic site and birthplace.