Learning Adventures in Reading and Social Studies

  Reading and Social Studies (R/SS)
At an ancient Mayan site in Chaccoben, Mexic.

In Mrs. Delph's class, reading and social studies always go together. Everything we read has something to do with social studies, and we use social studies to practice our reading strategies. Here are some of the topics we will explore in R/SS during the year:
The Beginnings of Civilization
   What makes a civilization? 
   Who was Gilgamesh and was he a hero? 
   What are important artifacts of civilization? 
The Development of Judaism
   What is monotheism and how did it begin?  
   What influenced these belief systems?  
   Who are the key Hebrew figures and why? 
Ancient Egypt
   Why is language and writing so important?  
   Who were the Pharaohs?  
   Why are the pyramids so interesting?  
   What was life like in Ancient Egypt?  
Ancient India
     Who was Siddhartha and was he a hero? 
     What are the beliefs of Hinduism?  
     What are the beliefs of Buddhism? 
Ancient China
    What can we learn from artifacts?  
    Why are there so many amazing inventions from China? 
    How does international trade work?  
Ancient Greece
   Why are myths and fables important?  
   How did governments evolve?  
   What was life like in the Golden Age of Greece?  
   Why was it a "golden age?"
Ancient Rome
   How do you build an empire?  
   Who wins and loses in a powerful system?  
   What was life like in the Roman Empire?  
   How did Christianity spread? 
Medieval Europe
   How did feudalism develop?  
   How did the Church influence life in the middle ages?  
   What was daily life like in a medieval town?  
   How did feudalism crumble?  
The Foundations of Islam
   What is Islam and what do Muslims believe?  
   Who was the Prophet? 
   How did the Crusades affect people? 
Ancient Cultures of South America
   Who were the Maya, Aztec, and Inca people?  
   How did they influence civilization?  
   Why is the South American rainforest important?  

Climbing to the top of the temple of the Sun at Altun Ha, Belize.