Course Overview


Ms. Breckheimer

English as a Second Language

Eblen Intermediate School

5th and 6th grade


Classroom Policy-Goal: The reason for the class rules is to make our classroom the best possible place for learning! Students must also obey all school rules. (found in the student handbook)



  • The Warrior Code- Ready, Respectful, and Responsible
  •  Pay attention and follow directions the first time that they are given.
  •  Have a positive attitude during class. 
  • Do your best every day!


Penalties: Consequences if you choose to break the rules during a class period:

warning, time out, lunch detention, parent notified, letter of apology, written behavior reflection, behavior contract, referral, send to the office
Major Offenses: For major offenses such as violence or harassment the teacher must refer students to the administration immediately.


Rewards: Students and classes get rewards when they follow the rules! Students will get rewards by earning good behavior points. Rewards include:


·        prizes

·        computer time

·        free time

·        outdoor class

·        game day
We will be using a variety of effective English language acquisition techniques this year including embedded grammar study, comprehension strategies, and Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP). For my class your student will need:

●         pencils

●         notebook paper

●         one inexpensive 3 ring binder (1 or 2 inch)- for class work portfolio (The binder is for ESL class only. It stays in the ESL classroom)