Daily Schedule

                                   Daily Classroom Schedule

7:30-8:30      Morning routines:
                       BEGINNING OF DAY CHECK-IN
                       Review yesterday's lesson to see if you understand it.
                       Email Mrs. Anderson if you need help.
8:30-9:40       Math
8:30                Math ZOOM starts
9:40-10:20     Science
9:40                Science ZOOM starts
10:20              Switch to other class
10:25-11:05   Science with Block 2
10:25              Science ZOOM
11:05-11:25    Lunch
11:25-12:00    Special area Class
                             1st nine weeks- Spanish
                             2nd nine weeks- STEM
                             3rd nine weeks- Art
                             4th nine weeks- Music
12:00-12:35    Recess or (PE on Thursday and Friday)
12:35-1:45      Math
12:35               Math ZOOM starts
1:45                 Virtual School day ends.
Complete  your daily work assignments and your END OF DAY CHECK-IN.