Minor Offenses

Students are expected to maintain a high standard of conduct. We believe in the role and importance of helping students understand and learn from their mistakes, but inevitably consequences and accountability are necessary to emphasize the recurrence or severity of the offense and to limit future occurrences.  The following are examples of minor offenses that may be addressed through verbal warnings, parent contact. lunch detention, and may include a major if necessary.

Examples of Minor Offenses:
* Being in off-limit areas or being in the halls without a pass
* Dress Code violations
* Having iPods, phones, or other electronic devices at inappropriate times (These items
   may be confiscated and a parent / guardian must pick up from the office)
* No chewing gum
* Horseplay, pranks on fellow students, running in the halls, or not walking on the right
   side of the hall
* Profanity
* Tardiness (either to school or to class)
* Littering on school property, including the cafeteria, buildings, and grounds
* Throwing food in the cafeteria or any other area where food is allowed, and bringing 
   food out of the cafeteria after lunch
* Showing inappropriate affection
* Disruptive behavior during school activities
* Arguing with other students
* Cheating
* Throwing objects
* Other offenses deemed minor by the teacher and/or the administration