A physician's order is required for all medication.
For medications that MUST be given during school hours:
     • A separate form is needed for each medication.  Only 1 medication per form is
     • Over the counter medications such as skin creams, sunscreen, etc. must also 
       have a doctor's order. 

All completed forms must be sent to the school on or before the first day of school along with any needed supplies.

• Medications must be brought to school by a responsible adult.
• Prescription medication must be in the original labeled container.
• Over-the-counter medication must be in original unopened container.
• If pills need to be divided, please have pharmacy do this, or divide at home.

A new order must be completed any time there is a change in dosage, time or method of administration, or treatment protocol and for each new school year.

If physician's orders have not been received, the medication or procedure will not be given by school personnel.  The parent/guardian will need to come to the school to care for the student's needs until physician order's have been received.