S.I.T. Bylaws

In compliance with North Carolina General Statute §115C-105.27, the Joe P. Eblen Intermediate School Improvement Team will operate within the bylaws established and maintained by the school based improvement team members.

Article I – Name
The name of the Joe P. Eblen Intermediate School (JPEIS) Site Based Improvement Team shall be School Improvement Team (SIT).

Article II – Purpose
This committee is established pursuant to State of North Carolina Statutes. Its purpose is to examine the structure and function of JPEIS with the aim of improving student performance by dealing with issues directly and indirectly related to instruction and school environment/improvement through local flexibility and control.

School improvement is a collaborative process supported through general statute 115C-105.27 with representation of all stakeholders. This process is focused through the development of a School Improvement Plan, generated by an elected body, the School Improvement Team. The team is comprised of teachers, staff, parents, administrators and other key stakeholders.

Article III – Membership

The School Improvement Team (SIT) shall consist of the principal, assistant principal, curriculum coach, Title I lead teacher(s), Media Coordinator, one elected parent representative, Certified Staff representatives shall consist of two (2) ELA/Social Studies teachers and two (2) Math/Science teachers from each grade level. One (1) elected Certified Instructional Support Staff - Exploratory, Certified Instructional Support Staff – Other Personnel representatives consist of one (1) Guidance Counselor and one (1) EC teacher, One (1) elected Classified Personnel, the teacher who received the most votes toward Teacher of the Year, and one Beginning Teacher.

(a) The departments shall be as follows:
Certified Instructional Staff - representatives shall consist of two (2) ELA/Social Studies teachers and two (2) Math/Science teachers from each grade level.

Certified Instructional Support Staff – Exploratory (Fine Arts, Physical Education, Foreign Language, ESL, Remediation teachers)

Certified Instructional Support Staff – Other Personnel representatives consist of one (1) Guidance Counselor and one (1) EC teacher

Classified Personnel (office staff, custodians, assistants, cafeteria staff, and bus drivers)

Teacher elected Teacher of the Year (TOY)

 Beginning Teacher (BT)

(b) One parent representative elected by the school’s Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO). Parent members cannot be employed by JPEIS.


Section 2.01 The members shall be elected as follows:
(a) Members of each department listed above shall be nominated and elected by the members of their own group.

(b) Each group will vote for their representative by secret ballot.

(c) The election by each group shall be counted and witnessed by at least two members of said group and then reported to the current School Improvement Chair.

(d) Elections shall take place during the last grading period of the school year and the term of office shall begin at the end of that current school year.

(e) In the event of a departmental tie, a mandatory second election will be held by secret or paper ballot within that department. If a tie remains, the SIT chair will serve as tie breaker. If SIT chair abstains from the vote, the entire SIT team with the exception of the representative from that department will serve to break the tie.

Section 2.02  If during a term, any member of the SIT shall resign employment, be transferred, be dismissed from employment, or change teaching positions within the school which would no longer permit the member to represent the department that elected him/her, then the department that he/she represented shall select another representative to be nominated and approved by the particular department to complete the former member’s term.

Section 2.03  Elections of SIT members shall take place on a rotating basis as follows:
(a) In the spring, an election will be held to elect a representative from 5th and 6th grades, and Certified Instructional Support Staff to serve a two-year term.

(b) Members will serve on the committee for a term of two years. When the two-year term is over, department representatives will be elected during the last grading period of the school year, and the term of office shall begin at the end of that current school year.

(c) The Classified Personnel representative will be elected for a two-year term.

(d) Parent representatives shall serve until their children no longer attends JPEIS. The committee will make an effort to have both a 5th and 6th grade representative.

(e) Teacher receiving most votes toward TOY will serve a one-year term.

(f) BT representative will serve a one or two year term. Term ends when BT status ends.

Section 2.04  SIT members may not succeed themselves in an election.

Section 2.05  SIT will elect a chair and co-chair on a yearly basis. Team members will nominate and an open vote will take place with 51% of quorum vote required to elect a chair. A BT shall not be eligible to serve as the SIT chair or co-chair.


Decisions will be made by consensus, when possible, with a majority vote of 51% of a quorum as a fallback option. A quorum shall consist of two-thirds of the elected SIT committee. Each SIT member will make voting decisions on the best interests of students and school as a whole.

In the event the chair determines after reasonable time that a decision cannot be made by consensus, a vote will be taken. Voting and discussion will be conducted using Robert’s Rules of Order. An affirmative vote of 51% of the members present shall constitute the majority. Each representative has one vote and agrees 100% to support the SIT decisions. Each member has one vote, and votes as directed by the majority of members in that team member’s constituency.

Consensus is not a vote. Consensus is a polling process to ensure that members can support the position that is taken. When consensus does not occur, the majority vote fallback option of 51% will be implemented. Decisions are made by consensus when possible. Failing a consensus, a matter under discussion will be tabled until the next regularly scheduled meeting or a specially called emergency meeting where 51% vote shall suffice.

Article IV – Meeting

The standing regular meeting day and time will be determined by consensus of the SIT members during the first meeting of the SIT for each school year. The SIT will meet at least once each month during the school year. The meeting schedule for the school year should be posted on the web. Meetings will take place in the Media Center unless noted otherwise.


(a) Approved minutes of meetings should be posted in a place that is visible to all staff and parents, which may include the school’s webpage.

(b) Hard copies of the meeting minutes will be available at the front desk of the school upon request.


SIT meetings fall under the Open Meetings Law of North Carolina.

Article V – Committees

Members of the SIT shall have the authority to establish Special or Standing Committees as needed to meet the purpose of SIT as stated in Article II.

Article VI – Amendment of Bylaws

SIT Bylaws may be amended with two-thirds of the collected SIT votes if prior notice has been given during the prior meeting. It shall also require a 51% majority of JPEIS Faculty and Staff to amend any Bylaw.