Eblen's P.B.I.S. Program

Any staff member can reward those students and classes who exhibit exemplary behavior in following the 3 Rs:
Ready, Respect, and Responsibility

● Daily: Dojo Points
○ Students and classes can be given Dojo points by any staff member at any time
   throughout the day. 
○ The number of Dojo points determines eligibility to attend P.B.I.S. Reward events

 ● Daily: Cafeteria and Exploratory Class Behavior
○ Classes can earn additional class Dojo points for following school-wide procedures in
             common areas.  Classes can also receive -3 class Dojo points for not following school-wide
             rules and expectations.
○ Exploratory teachers will award points for every class, every day.
○ Class Dojo points will be award to classes based on behavior in the lunch
    line and in cafeteria.
○ Classroom teachers should set goals with their homeroom to decide how to 

● Monthly: Warrior Wall

○ One student per homeroom teacher will be recognized on a bulletin board
   every month – Their picture will be taken and narrative about the student
   will be displayed.

 ● Every 9 weeks: Warrior Card / P.B.I.S. Reward
Students will earn points for attitude, attendance, academics and Dojo points.
If students earn enough points during the 9 week period, they will earn a
special P.B.I.S. reward event at the end of the 9 weeks. Students get a fresh
start each 9 weeks. Our goal is to encourage students to follow the Warrior Code
throughout the entire school year.