At-Home Reading (Click Me)

Each night, Monday through Friday, students are expected to read for thirty minutes for homework.  Students may choose to read anything of interest to them, including novels, non-fiction books, picture books, religious texts, magazine articles, online articles, comic books, graphic novels, instruction guides, wikipedia articles, etc.  The purpose of at-home reading is for students to simply practice reading and enjoy it.  The only requirement is that students actually READ and then jot down a reading response in the agenda.  (See the link below if you need another response guide.)  We will check the reading response log in the agenda each week, and students who are successful will receive compensation in the form of a homework pass, piece of candy, or some other privilege.  If everyone in the class successfully completes the homework, the whole class can earn a reward!  Here are a few things to know about at home reading.  
  • Find a quiet, comfortable place to read away from distractions such as electronic devices and little siblings.  
  • Discuss the reading with someone, such as a parent or friend.  
  • Reading aloud is a great way to become a stronger reader.  Read a bedtime book out loud if you like.  
  • Use the Take Home Reading Log guide taped in the back of your agenda to record your reading response.   
  • Remember that reading is supposed to be fun and useful.  Find a way to make it that way for yourself.