Strategy for helping your child at home

To help your child with reading at home, research shows that reading to your child is very beneficial for vocabulary development. You can use a book that they have checked out from the school library. If it's a book that they cannot read on their own, that is okay. This is actually perfect! It will probably be a book in which they have interest. Ask them to visualize the story as you read. "Make a movie in your mind" is what we say at school. I would read a page at a time. After you have read, ask them to use the movie in their mind and tell what you read. If they have difficulty with this, go back and read a sentence or two at a time and draw a quick picture on a piece of paper. Go through the page like this. Then have them retell the page using the pictures you drew. You can even have them draw the pictures. There doesn't need to be a lot of detail in the pictures. Just something quick that will help them remember the events in the story. If they can handle more than a page at a time, then read more. You can also ask them questions that they can go back to the text and find evidence for their answers.