Learning Goals for Eblen

5th grade

English Language Arts:  In grade five, students will continue to:

  • build important reading writing, writing, speaking and listening skills.
  • read more challenging literature, articles, and other sources of information and continue to grow their vocabulary.
  • understand and clearly summarize what they have learned from reading and classroom discussions, referring to specific evidence and details from the text.
  • write regularly and continue to develop their ability to gather, organize, interpret and present information.

Math:  In grade five, students will focus on:

  • operations and algebraic thinking.
  • numbers and operation in Base 10: place value in adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying
  • number and operations in fractions.
  • measurement and data.
  • geometry.

Science:  In grade five, students will focus on:

  • physical science: forces and motion, matter: properties and change; energy, conservation and transfer.
  • earth science:earth’s systems, structures and processes (weather).
  • life science:structures and functions: ecosystems, evolution, and genetics.

Social Studies:  In grade five, students will focus on:

  • relationships between European explorers and American Indian groups.
  • political, social and economic aspects of life in the 13 colonies.
  • the impact of major conflicts, battles and wars on the development of our nation through reconstruction.

6th grade

English Language Arts:  In grade six, students will

  • read a wide range of challenging books, articles, and text, and be expected to demonstrate understanding of the material by answering questions and contributing to class discussion.
  • continue to work on their use of language, sentence structure and organization of ideas in writing.
  • integrate information from different sources and respond to challenging content through written interpretation and analysis using text evidence.

Math:  In grade six, students will explore

  • algebraic expressions and equations
  • ratios, percent and rates.
  • operations with fractions and decimals
  • negative numbers
  • area, surface area and volume
  • statistics

Science:  In grade six, students will study

  • scientific inquiry.
  • technological design.
  • lithospheres.
  • cycling of matter.
  • solar system.
  • energy transfer/transformation.
  • population dynamics.

Social Studies:  In grade six, students will

  • compare/connect previous knowledge to the study of ancient civilization through exploration.
  • study the social studies strands: history, culture, government, economics, geography.
  • examine the 7 characteristics of civilization: social structure, religion, steady food supply, the arts, technology, writing and government.