Major Offenses

Major Offenses
Major offenses are serious and will result in automatic major referrals.  Major offenses may result in immediate suspension from school. 

Examples of Major Offenses:
Committing one of the following offenses could result in suspension out of school and possible charges filed with the Buncombe County Sheriff’s Department.

  • Fighting or physically assaulting another student
  • Noncompliance with directives from principals, teachers, and other personnel
  • Disorderly conduct/creating a disturbance
  • Bullying, hazing, extortion, intimidation, harassment of fellow students, or threats which cause students to fear for their safety
  • Gang activity or gang-related activity
  • Possession of or distribution of drugs/alcohol or any substance represented to be drugs or alcohol
  • Student disrespect towards anyone in this school related to race
  • Sexual harassment
  • Disrespect to school personnel, including obscene or abusive language, threats, gestures, or intimidation
  • Use or possession of tobacco
  • Continuous horseplay
  • Possession, distribution, use of, or threatened use of firearms, weapons, explosives, and incendiary devices (this includes “look alike” firearms, explosives, and incendiary devices)
  • Destruction or defacing of school property, including intentional damage to school buses
  • False emergency calls or setting off false fire alarms
  • Verbal, physical, or sexual assault or battery
  • Engagement in any inappropriate sexual touching or indecent behavior
  • Skipping class or walking out of class without permission
  • Other offenses deemed major by teacher and or the school administration